Perseptive Driving
TSS Perceptive Driving Seminar

Most likely, the first and only contact you will have with the justice system is through a traffic citation.

For all too long, traffic courts have been thought of as a place where “cash register justice” is meted out.  But fines and license revocation alone do not improve driving skills. Traffic Safety Seminars recognizes this. Its Perceptive Driving Seminar is designed to teach you in eight hours skills you don’t learn in driver’s ed. Skills that would take you years to learn the hard way from accidents and traffic citations.

The material is presented in an interesting and entertaining way by professionals who know their stuff.

TSS has a long and successful record of training young drivers to be better skilled than many drivers who have been behind the wheel for 20 years or more.  The knowledge and skills a student learns in the TSS course can mean a lifetime of accident-free driving, traffic ticket-free driving and lower insurance costs.

When a participant is under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must agree to attend the classroom sessions.  Then, outside of class, they can work as a team behind the wheel to fine-tune the skill sets presented in class.  There is no charge for the parent's participation.

Saturday classes consist of one Saturday of six hours duration and one Saturday of three hours.  Evening classes consist of three evenings of three hours each.